十月, 17

2017 Taichung Bike Week

Do you need “Design for High Performance” for your bikes?
Relic will be in Splendor Hotel 10F  #1056 booth in 2017 Taichung Bike Week.   See you very soon!!


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九月, 17

2017 EuroBike

Spending less force, getting super mega gear ratio, just right at A3-506 Relic bike Components in Eurobike Show. Exactly find more power here for both Road bike and MTB sprockets.

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二月, 17

2017 Taipei Cycle Show

Dear friends,

Relic will be in Nangang Hall area I-0517 booth.  Come to check out the new products!!!

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八月, 16

on-line event on Facebook

Relic Bike Components, the sister brand of Da Bomb Bikes, is going to hold the on-line events with Da Bomb Bikes!

Do you “LIKE” DA BOMB and Relic Bike Components?


Please “LIKE” DA BOMB and Relic Bike components, and the GIFTS will be yours!

Please share the above information to your friends.

For further information, please follow up Da Bomb Bikes and Relic Bike Components facebook and webstie at or



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八月, 16


Dear friends,

2016 Eurobike show is coming soon, Relic this year will be in A3-603.  See you very soon!!

A3-603 RELIC A3-603 1

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七月, 16

Relic bike is on Pinkbike NOW

Relic bike is on Pinkbike from now on

relic pinkbike55 relic pinkbike

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七月, 16

2016 Taipei Cycle Show

Dear friends,

We will be at booth I-0517 Nangang Exhibition Hall 1st Floor, in 2016 Taipei Cycle Show. Come to visit us at your earlier convenience. See you soon! ‪#‎2016TaipeiCycleShow‬


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十二月, 14

2015 Taichung Bike Week

Relic will be in Splendor Hotel #1156 booth in 2015 Taichung Bike Week.  If you pass by our booth, don’t forget to visit us and take a look at the newest products.


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